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Ink Transference is a play by mail game where players get to be mildly psychic aliens learning about humans through lab reports.

Cover and character art by Bri DeDannan https://twitter.com/BriDanann

Layout by Diwata https://diwatamnl.itch.io/

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Hi!  It seems like you're out of community copies!  Could you please replenish them? ^^;;;

Replenished! Thanks for letting me know!

This game is adorable, and I would love to either play it with a friend, or even be the subject of the game (I haven't gotten around to it yet, but I love the idea behind it). It's very simple, and I could see it being a really fun game to play with a mutual friend about a roommate or partner--or just with a group that you're comfortable with. 

The art is adorable, and it feels like a very easy game to pitch. The rules are simple and clear, and it's a pleasure to read. Definitely recommend it as a fun game between sessions or campaigns.

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Ink Transference is a 6 page, two-player, letter-writing rpg where you research your own surroundings with psychometry. You play by taking photos of your surroundings, sending them to a partner, and then your partner tries to psychically read the photos and get a better understanding of the person they belong to.

At the end of the game, you both try to figure out a thing that would help the person the photos belong to, and then your partner sends you that thing.

In addition to this cozy premise,  Ink has super cute art and layout.

 It's easy to read, colorful, and has a really solid character sheet to boot.

Overall, I would recommend this to anyone who likes short, friendship-based games, or who wants a convenient excuse to give / receive gifts. It's also fully playable by email or messenger, if the idea of letter-writing sounds offputting.

Minor Issues:

-Font size changes from page 3 to page 4.

is this meant to be two-player?


It's designed to be played by at least two players, can be played by more as long as everyone can be paired off. With additional players it might be fun to have a 'research conference' at the end to share findings.